Siv Elise Seland

After graduating from Teko center Danmark as a fashion designer in 2001, Siv Elise Seland entered istituto marangoni in Milan, Italy. While studying she designed her first collections for Davina as in Norway. June 2003 she graduated with a Cumma Sum Laude degree in Master in fashion design. Before finishing her MA she had started her stage at the design studio of Stefano Guerriero.

She was then offered a stage at Versace but chose to return to Jæren in Norway to develop the family company.

Olaug Vesterheim Seland

Olaug has a very rich and varied experience from the textile and knitwear business and production in and out of Norway. In 1998 she decided to fulfill her dream, and went ahead and started her own company; Davina as. After some years, she decided together with Siv Elise that it was time for renewal.

In 2006 Davina became iiS of Norway, and is now run by Siv Elise and Olaug as a family business. Olaug is in charge of production and logistics.


Siv Elise Seland

Siv Elise Seland

Olaug Seland

Olaug Seland


iiS Woodling was launched summer of 2006. The collection is contemporary and modern with strong roots in norwegian tradition. It is also inspired by the nature surrounding the beautiful countryside of Sæland in Jæren.

In 2011 the first LITTLE MOUNTAINS childrenswear collection was presented. 

Both brands are available in shops all over Norway.

From Fall 2014 the iiS Woodling collection will be available in shops in USA.

The collection is presented by Bridge Showroom.


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